MT5: Is It The Best Trading Platform For You?

A trading platform is a software that allows you to easily buy and sell assets at the financial market the whole day, 24 hours/day. Investors can choose from the different trading platforms but there is this trading platform regarded for its user-friendly interface as well as exceptional trading tools and features. It is called the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) released by MetaQuotes Software Corporation in 2010.

When choosing a trading platform, you must know its pros and cons. This process is very important because it can affect your trades. So, what should you look for when choosing a trading platform?

The Broker

The broker must have the tool that you want to use when trading. To promote confidence in trading, it is best to look for a brokerage company that’s trustworthy and allows the smooth handling of transactions. With such a professional broker, you will be able to get good customer service and a group of professional brokers will be handling your trades. You will know that your brokerage company is professional if they refuse to leave you alone with all those unnecessary thoughts and doubts. No matter how experienced you are, you will need someone to talk to when you have questions about matters that concern trading.

The Spreads and Fees

Before you engage in a trading platform, you must know and verify the transaction fees and costs. As much as possible, you must aim for lower fees and costs. This is a lot better especially if you are new to trading.

The Financial Instruments

One thing that you must remember when looking for a trading platform in the financial instruments that they can support. The trading platform must have many financial instruments and markets. You may want to focus on one market if you are still a budding trader but sooner, you will want to widen your horizon. When this time comes, you will find it important to have a trading platform that supports multiple financial instruments and markets.

The Demo Account

One way to try the trading platform, along with its features and trading tools is its demo account. This encourages risk-free trading plus you get to check the trading platform without spending anything. A reputable platform must offer a demo account since this is crucial in decision-making.

The User-Interface

You wouldn’t want to add trouble to your trading with the hard-to-manipulate trading platform. As much as possible, a trading platform must be user-friendly, clear, written in a language that you can understand, and intuitive. The perfect trading platform for you must be designed this way so you can easily navigate it and perform tasks with ease. In this case, MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is the best option for you.

The Configuration Options

The functionalities and the configuration options of the trading platform must also be checked first before you get the trading platform. Try checking the charts continuously, schedule trade executions, change chart types, access the market analysis or the breaking news, check the alerts, SMS alarms, and more.

Free Training

There are few brokers that offer a trading platform that provides training without additional charges for their users. You might find it pretty useful.